Run sweepstakes, engagement campaigns, contests and more in a website, blog, or any online location where you can embed an iframe code! PromoJam’s ‘Website Apps’ make it easy for you to reach users on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest by engaging them through the websites you manage.


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  • Choose from a wide variety of promotion types
  • Add Facebook Like and Google+ buttons to your promotion
  • Easily embed your promotion in any website or blog using PromoJam’s built-in iFrame generator
  • One-click publishing to your Facebook Page Tab
  • Mobile responsive templates allows you to take your promotions on the go
  • Click and drop interface makes in easy for anyone to create and launch a social media promotion in minutes

Available Promotion Types:



Video Unlock

Photo Unlock

Music Unlock

Entry Forms

Facebook Like Gate





Photo Contests

Age Gates