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Launch promotions in 10 minutes

PromoJam Social Promotions are easy to create and launch – no code, no design skills necessary! From coupon promotions to promo code giveaways, contests and sweepstakes, whatever your promotional needs, with PromoJam, you can launch and engage with your social audience in minutes!

We make design easy

PromoJam social promotions are built off our easy to use templates – pick a template and with just the click of a mouse, you’re on your way to designing stunning promotions!

Responsive & Flexible formats

Reach out to your social audience wherever they may be! With PromoJam, you can run your social media promotions as its own standalone landing page, within your brand Facebook tab, iFramed into your existing website, or as a fully responsive mobile site.

Be Social to Solve Social

Create and launch social media promotions on the biggest social networks – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram – and watch your viral marketing efforts soar with PromoJam. Gather new leads and gather user information to help your brand become more social.

Actionable Data & Analytics

We make social data actionable for your marketing needs. Track your promotion’s reach, engagement, traffic and conversions in real-time to get a minute-by-minute snapshot of how your social campaign is doing.

Baked in Project Management Tools

Manage multiple projects, promotions and teams with PromoJam’s integrated project management tools. Social Media marketing shouldn’t be a hassle and we’ve got the tools that will make your day-to-day marketing a breeze!

PromoJam is the easiest to use and most flexible social promotions designer on the market

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Facebook Contests

Create and launch Facebook contests and promotions as a custom tab on your brand’s Facebook page or manage and pick winners from your brand timeline promotions with PromoJam’s all-inclusive, code-free Facebook social contest tools!

Twitter Promotions

Grow your Twitter fan base with PromoJam’s easy to use Twitter promotions creator. From coupons to sweepstakes or Tweet to Unlock campaigns, the sky’s the limit with PromoJam’s quick and simple promotions editor.

Pinterest Campaigns

Convert social media fans into customers and drive traffic to your store with PromoJam’s Pinterest campaign editor. Run Pin-it-to-win-it giveaways or boost the viral nature of your campaign with shareable, visual content on Pinterest!

Instagram Contests

Boost social engagement and conversation about your brand with PromoJam’s Instagram contest creator. Get users to submit photos or videos about your campaign with hashtags and get them involved with PromoJam’s interactive voting capabilities.

Create Deals. Generate Leads. Grow your brand.

PromoJam’s flexible promotions editor also gives you the ability to create exquisite landing pages – perfect for collecting invaluable user data such as email addresses and contact information.

Reward your users for submitting their information with a coupon or music download and grow your brand with PromoJam’s lead generation landing pages – FREE with any PromoJam account.

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Flexible Promotion Types & Formats:

PromoJam’s Flexible Social Promotions Creator allows you to launch a variety of promotion types, and different ways to engage with your social audience on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

 Sweepstakes              Video Unlock                Music Unlock                Photo Unlock

  Facebook Like Gate                Entry Form                Coupon                Promo Code

  Download                Pin-It-To-Win-It                 Age Gate                 Photo Contest