How Social are you?

At PromoJam, we live and breathe social media – so if you think you’ve got the passion and the chops to join our dynamic team, drop us a note!

Check out some of our positions below.



Do you have an innate instinct for what the market needs? Got a flair with words and are hungry to get ahead in the competitive world of social media? Then us your resume stat!

Public Relations

Are you a proud owner of the most souped-up social media rolodex? Operate better under pressure? Love the art of the game, and rhythm of persuasion? Drop us a line…

Business Development

Are you the take-no-prisoners type, or the laid-back closer? Can you chat up Cathy while signing the deal? Everyone’s got their own style – and that’s what we love! So, what are you waiting for?


Is Git-hub your middle name? Do you avoid Avoid and only use Mou? Build applications in your free time? Maybe you enjoy a quality meme or two – then we wanna hear from you!


Keen sense of style? Armed with a discerning eye and imagination? Slightly obsessed with the perfect font, and do you yearn to kern? Send us a link to your portfolio, asap!


Can you wear more hats than the women at the Kentucky Derby? Want to learn about social marketing, technology and team work? Join Team PromoJam for an awesome learning journey!

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